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Utrust ICO
Past | 12.11.2017, 22:10

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ICO date: 02.11.2017 - 20.11.2017
Target on crowdsale: $21 000 000
Total token supply: 500 000 000
Available for sale: 275 000 000
Purchase methods: BTC, ETH

White Paper - Link


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Short description:

  Utrust is the payment platform.

  Utrust enables to make payment with preferable cryptocurrency and sellers can accept multiple cryptocurrencies at once and all payments received will be converted to fiat currency.

  It will be high protected platform with all convinience based on protection features of fiat systems with the features of blockchain. 

  All details about ICO you can read in whitepaper. 

Bounty program:

  Bounty Budget is: 5% of Total issued UTRUST Tokens- 50 MILLION UTRUST TOKENS

  Bounty pool is divided into two pools: 
(a) Random - 2% of Total Isuued or sold tokens (i.e 20 Million Tokens- if sold whole) 
(b) Specific -  3% of Total Isuued or sold tokens (i.e 30 Million Tokens- if sold whole)

Video Presentation: 

Team :

Nuno Correia

Nuno Correia

Filipe Castro

Filipe Castro

artur goulao

Artur Goulão


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