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Swace ICO
23.04.2018, 22:17


ICO date: 14.05.2018 - 14.07.2018

Token: SWA
Price: 1 SWA = 0.02 USD
Minimum investment: 100 USD
Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 23,000,000 USD

Purchase methods: ETH

White Paper - Link


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Short description:

 Swace is a community-driven initiative, envisioned as a solution to the unsatisfactory experiences users and brands have with social networks, each from their own perspective. It is an independent platform featuring preset gaming frames brands can use to engage with users, who in turn get rewards for participating and winning games. The app’s economy is based on decentralized blockchain technology and revolves around a token called the Swace Coin.

  The app’s main goal is to improve the interactions between users and brands. It encourages a more active and exciting lifestyle for the users while having them engage with brands in a genuine and non-manipulative way, forming positive associations and a happier user-brand relationship. We want to enable users to be more adventurous and to give them a feeling of being appreciated and rewarded for the content they generate and for the loyalty they give a brand.

  Another central aspect of Swace is the socialization between users. Being a network centered around social gaming, Swace encourages healthy competition while helping the users find a balanced approach to sharing and relating to what others share. Instead of causing each other unpleasant envy and suspicions of fakeness, Swace will empower users to support each other in games, share and engage with each other, and even team up for better rewards.

  All details about ICO you can read in whitepaper. 

Video Presentation: 



Dovydas Riasnojus 

Head of Business Development


Elina Mesengiser-Garber



Antonio Bechtle

Creative Director

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