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TOP-20 Successful ICOs of 2017

 The ICOfaces team made an analysis of all the ICO's conducted in the world in 2017 and created an infographics with a list of the 20 most successful sorted by the attracted money.

TOP-20 Successful ICOs of 2017

  If we look through the spheres of investment, we see that the most attractive and profitable are ICOs in Services category and include 4 ICOs: Aragon, Gnosis, Sonm, Civic, Pillar; 
 The second place takes Platforms: Status, EOS, QTUM, Stox;
 The third place takes Cryptocurrency: Tezos, TenX, Aeternity;
  And the rest  distributed as follows: 
- Finance: Enigma, Polybius;
- Hosting: Filecoin;
- Exchange: Bancor;
- Blockchain-infrastructure: Cosmos;
- Gaming: MobileGo;
- Medicine: Paragon;
- Cloud Storage: Storj;


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