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PlayBets ICO
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ICO date: 01.04.2018 - 30.04.2018

Tokens for sale: 32 400 000
Token: PLT
Price: 1 ЕTH = 6000 PLT
Soft cap: $1 000 000
Hard cap: $10 000 000
Distributed in ICO: 100%

Purchase methods: ETH, BTC, Fiat

White Paper - Link


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Short description:


PlayBets — is a first decentralized game platform with a catalog of mass gambling games, is a first decentralized game platform with a catalog of mass gambling games Blockchain and Smart Contracts technology. An important feature of the platform is its simple and engaging gambling games, designed for anyone to be able to play, even non-gamblers, with open and provably fair, honest game results.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have unlocked new possibilities for the security and honesty of games, and we use this simplicity and security to strive to create games that are just as simple for everyone. The technology of honest game results created within the platform based on an international encryption method, along with lotteries of prize funds and Jackpots based on blockchain tech, create new possibilities in gambling games.

Based on the requirements of the market, our team considers one of the most important tasks to be launching the platform quickly, in November 2018, and to release monthly updates of the platform in accordance with the described Road Map. Many projects make plans for implementation within 2-3 years; our task is to roll out the project as quickly as possible and bring value as soon as possible to players and users that have placed faith in our platform.

The PlayBets team has already implemented a test version of the game platform with one of the games involved. You can already play one of our games Lucky, the audience of which is growing every day. In just a couple of months we plan to acceptance of payments in ETH (Ethereum) and BTC (Bitcoin) as bets, with the first Jackpot drawings. 

  All details about ICO you can read in whitepaper. 

Bounty program:

All forms need to be filled out by Sundays 23:59. Any submissions after Sunday 23:59 forum time will not be counted. All tokens will be released after the ICO. Date will be announced as soon as I know
- You have to be at least a Jr Member to join in
- You should post at least 20 times a week: spam is not considered as a post
- Post must be 100 characters long
- You must keep the Signatures and the Avatar till the end of the campaign. Removing it at any time before the end of the campaign automatically renders you ineligible for rewards
- Any User who gets a negative Feedback from any DT2 and above users will not be eligible for this campaign
- We will check posts to avoid spam and negative feedback, violating our rules will lead to withdrawal from the bounty campaign.

More details on Bitcointalk

Video Presentation: 


Eugene Lavrinenko
Director and Founder

Andriy Sharanyevich
Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Daniil Demchenko
Head Of Product

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