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Fluz Fluz ICO
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ICO date: 18.01.2018 - 22.02.2018

Total Tokens Available now:204,780,000
Token ICO Price:USD 0,10
Maximum purchase:USD 10.000
Purchase methods: ETH, BTC

TRADABILITY:No vesting period. Tradable at public exchanges after licenses for token regulations are obtained.

White Paper - Link


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Short description:

  FluzFluz is already working product, active community and proven cash-back payouts! Your premier seat on top of the global consumer network - earn passive income every time others shop.

  More than 200 cash-back partners including global top brands. Tradability of your seat through token model on Ethereum blockchain. Receive cash-back benefits or simply sell it! We empower the consumer We bundle consumer purchases at each retail partner to secure better deals. We share those savings with our network in cash back points paid out to your bank account or BTC or ETH wallet.

  Purchases generate cash back: Every purchase on the site generates reward points for the shopper and the network. You earn cash back points when anyone in your network purchases.

  Premier seats generate more cash back: The premier seat secures top level placement in the global network and generates cash back rewards from thousands of members who join the network.

   All details about ICO you can read in whitepaper. The Fluz Fluz White Paper is currently in draft form and is subject to change. It will be finalised closer to the date of the public token sale. 

Bounty program:

  The company will allocate 500.000 Fluz Fluz Token (FLUZ) for this Bounty program, distributed as follows: 

  Signature Campaign: 30% = 150.000 FLUZ – This also includes posts published on Bitcointalks threads to spread the word.
  Article Post Campaign: 25% = 125.000 FLUZ – The aim is to write original articles on media such as Medium, Steemit,  Newbium, or any blogs or website relevant. Video content posted on Youtube are also accepted.
  Telegram Campaign: 10% = 50.000 FLUZ
  Twitter Campaign 20% = 100.000 FLUZ
  Facebook/Youtube Campaign 15% = 75.000 FLUZ

Note: Tokens amount will be updated depends on interest

Video Presentation: 

Team :

Stefan Krautwald

Maurice Harary

Luis Felipe Quiñones


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